Artist Hannah Baker of Snugglebunch creating a watercolour art print for a children's bedroom

Hannah's Story

Wow what can I say! It's been a crazy journey to get to this point but I'm absolutely delighted to be here 

and extremely grateful that you are reading my story.

I've worked as a Creative Artist and Designer for over a decade and my journey has been a varied one, projects have included children's books, theatre scenery and murals whilst also working full time as the Creative Manager for one of the UK's leading theme parks.  

Over the past few years I have painted a number of children's bedrooms and have met some wonderful families who have invited me into their homes to create imaginative spaces for them. There's nothing quite like seeing the delight on a child's face when they discover there's a friendly lion or a magical fairy living in their room. Seeing their amazing reactions has shown me how characters and colour can spark their imaginations as they grow. One of the most touching moments was when I painted a young girl's room with a beautiful unicorn as she was struggling to sleep in her own room after sadly losing her lovely grandfather. Having the unicorn by her side on the wall gave her a friend to share her bedroom with and helped her to feel less alone.

And this is how I got here ......

Snugglebunch is a place where you can find some friendly characters & prints for your friends and family that will brighten up their walls and add a little magic to their home. Whether you're looking for a baby shower gift, a present for a niece or nephew or you're looking for artwork to brighten up the nursery ready for a new arrival, you'll find something here at Snugglebunch to capture your imagination.

All of the designs are unique, hand drawn illustrations created by myself which I have turned into prints ready for your home.

New designs are often in progress so don't forget to follow our Instagram and Facebook pages for regular updates and creative insights.



Oh and the name Snugglebunch ......

A Snugglebunch is someone who loves to steal a cuddle - My gorgeous husband calls me a snugglebunch! 


I think we're all Snugglebunches however young or old we are ........

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Artist Hannah Baker at Snugglebunch Art Prints

Flossie the cat


.... even if we have 4 legs and are covered in fuR!

Some of the amazing children

who have been my inspiration!

HB Murals by Hannah Baker at Snugglebunch. Cool Space Invaders Children's Bedroom Mural
HB Murals by Hannah Baker at Snugglebunch. Hedgehog Woodland Children's Bedroom Mural
HB Murals by Hannah Baker at Snugglebunch. Unicorn Children's Bedroom Mural

check out the 'HB murals' link at the top of the page for more info on my murals